FITPOLE - Dancing Pole

White dancing pole is a sign of quality. Fitpole will help you develop strength, agility, balance and overall body control. Exercising with Fitpole is a versatile experience as both slow and fast muscle cells in your body will get the stimulation needed for their proper development. In addition to this pole exercise also requires static muscle strength. This leads to a combination of all three ways of muscle work found in every exercise which allows you to make fast improvements in your overall condition. What makes pole exercise so effective is the fact that every move you make requires almost all of the muscles in your body and you yourself work as the resistance. The pressure that focuses on bones in e.g. static holds will increase bone density and this way prevents osteoporosis, a.k.a. bone embrittlement. Also the spine will get the bends and rotations needed for its wellness. Altogether you'll feel light, vigorous and full of strength.


Attn! Additional pieces (extra pieces) are available for the pole which allows it to be stretched up to 3,4 meters.



White poledance pole is a sign of quality. FITPOLE products are 100% Finnish design and they are manufactured exclusively in Finland.