Fitpole Color

Fitpole Color is a custom manufactured one-piece (seamless) pole. This adjustable FIPOLE you can order from us customized to your own specifications. The adjustment gap of 25cm can be defined personally, which means that the pole can be used e.g. in room heights of 240cm -265cm.


Fitpole Color dancing pole is 100% Finnish craftmanship. The pole is made out of strong steel and is covered with special coating to resist wear and provide optimal traction. With the help of adjustable installing mechanism the pole is easily installed and detached. The pole is tightened to its place by tightening only one nut. There are two alternative outer diameters available, either a 42mm or 48mm version.


The pole will be delivered to home door when ordered from the Ahlsport web store! The delivery time of Fitpole Color poles is 5 weeks!


Price 439,00 €